One of the most important things that you can do to protect and tighten the security of your WordPress website is to keep your WordPress version and your WordPress plugins up to date. Without these important ongoing security updates, your environment becomes vulnerable to hackers, data breach, downtime and black listing.

“Last year 86% of websites tested had at least one serious vulnerability. Just over half had more than one.”


Our experts can help secure your WordPress environment closing security holes before they can be exploited. With regular security updates, security scans, enhanced monitoring and a little love, your website can be kept clean and safe.

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“And how much will this peace of mind cost?” you ask. That’s the best part! We call it WordPress Management and it’s only 49.95$/month!! That’s less than the cost of restoring a back-up if you get hacked and WAAAYYY less than the cost of cleaning up and restoring the reputation of a hacked website. You can sign-up by completing the form below and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly.

Side note : If you’ve been hacked and you need our help, this is the right form for that too. If that’s your situation [emergency!] we recommend you hurry. Hacked websites get worse not better over time. Incidentally, once we’ve got you patched, our experts will recommend you sign up to for WordPress Management so that you don’t do the hacked website dance again.

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